Pascal Imhof

He is the Face of the team, mainly responsible for relationship management, building up the network and strengthening existing partnerships. There won't be a party where the Face is not on stage shaking his hips all night long

"An ideal is a dream, a dream is hope and without hope we cannot exist. So lets realise the ideals we cherish in our hearts!"

Marcel Germann

Beside computer-related and technical skills acquired during his studies of computer-science at the ETH Zurich, he has also steadily enhanced his literacy of marketing and of public-relations due to several extracurricular projects. Additionally, he is the co-founder of the party-label Crazyhill as well as the founder of several software solutions (e.g. the SMSBoard) and internet portals.

"When you stop living, you start dying"

Matthias Koller

By working for more than 4 years in the creative and communication business, he has gained solid knowledge on today's requirements for successful online and offline promotions and is capable to put a vision into practice.

"The world is yours"